The Last Burn - The Man Will Stand Forever

The fate of the annual Burning Man Festival held each August - 120 miles outside Reno, NV had been decided long before the failed Ticket Lottery of 2012.  The event scheduled for August 27 - September 3 will in-fact be The Last Burn.

With all that is 2012: The Mayan Calendar and the end of the Long Count or the Doomsday Clock moving one minute closer to midnight, it only seems fitting that if we as a people are nearing the end, so to should Burning Man.  The event had it's roots back in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco with a small gathering of friends and by 2011 had reached a population of over 55,000 - becoming the premiere counter-culture event of the millennium.

The increasing popularity of the Burning Man festival was it's inevitable downfall with the first ever Sell Out in 2011. The ensuing 'Great Ticket Snafu' of 2012 and the ongoing struggle between who is cool and gets a ticket and who should be kept outside the gate, has divided the once cohesive Burner Community. In small workshops & art communities throughout the states and around the globe groups of artists and collaborators are turning to their local Regional Events this year in droves with sellouts being reported at Flipside in Austin, Saguaro Man in Arizona, Apogea in Colorado, Lakes of Fire in Michigan and large interest in Northern California Lunar Burn.

The idea of a permanent National Landmark of all that we hold sacred in Black Rocky city had been kicked around for years.  Of course now is the time as it has been announced 2012 will be The Last Burn.  Organizers are actively soliciting designs for the base of the Landmark & On-Playa Build assistance. Sign Up NOW!!!

"There is no better tribute to what we as a collective created & nurtured in the Black Rock Desert than a National Landmark", says ScottoBobScotto, CEO of The Last Burn. "It does not matter that we have come to the realization that the experiment has run its course; you can only have so many people in the Petri dish, it is about the ethos and the adherence to the Ten Principles that will have us endure", continues ScottoBobScotto.