The Last Burn - The Man Will Stand Forever


Is this real about it being the last burn?...
Thanks Scotto, for getting the word out about these services. Trying to find these on the web in time to prepare for Burning Man would have been difficult. I appreciate you searching them out and getting us all the links in one place.
Camp carnivore is the next best thing to the tuna guys.
Do you get the feeling that ScottoBobScotto has WAAAAYYYYY too much time on his hands? Brilliant!
hey scotto,   Thanks for a bunch of laughs!  It's great to have some humor about the burn instead of all the negativity.   Enjoyed your creativity. Hope to see you again this year on the playa.
 How happy I am to hear of your service.  Our camp concierge was adamant that we would be stuck with only the washer/dryer in our RV, but I knew that would ruin my unmentionables if not done professionally!!!  I hear there is some dust at burningman, if so, I may need to double my order. 
Scotto works hard for Larry
I have enjoyed the great service of BRC Dry Cleaning for many many years now. I can not say enough how many times they have saved the day (and nights ) on the Playa. I remember once when a herd of Sparkle Pony's did their dirty dirty business on a down comforter. Who saved the day? That's right BRCDC.!!!
Oh the humanity.
It's just a front for importing precursor chemicals to BRC!!!
I saw what you did there! :P
last year I splashed coco on my suit, I could have used you!
At this point I am so ready for them, that none of the Burning Man April Fool's pranks actually fool me... but I still get a good laugh.
Did you see Google's new NASCAR project? That's another good'un.
Happy Fool Day to you!
Nice work, Scotto. Sign me up for all shifts for the last burn effigy. I will probably hang out in the shade and drink kool-aid, but I will be there.
happy fool! your reputation reveals you, sir.
Ha! Happy April to you my friend! Now to propagate the fun :)
I'd like to sign up for the Dry Cleaning service this year. FYI: Lunar Burn is not an official event. Not so great to list it with the other longstanding official events and confuse folks further.
Black rock is too far and has too high a carbon imprint. We prefer your Oregon branch and would like to make a reservation for Fri night during SOAK Jun 21-24. Our gladiator nuns from Templum Stultorum will be hungry.
Looking forward to meeting and meating.
Cant wait to "meet" all u carnivores!!!!!! yeeeehaw!!!! what can we bring to contribute?
I love your annual April fools joke posts
Enjoyed your creativity. Hope to see you again this year on the playa.
Dear ScottoBobScotto: I pre-paid for your onsite dry cleaning of my Playa Coat, but the results were very disappointing. I believe a refund is in order - and is requested - for the following reasons: First, your worker intentionally misused a coat sleeve to cope with a porta-potty hovering problem. Good help may be hard to find during Burn Week, but, really, this was inexcusable and offensive. Second, when I checked the coat pockets, I noted the absence of a small plastic bag of medication. Perhaps you could check to see if one turned up in your lost-and-found? Thanks for your attention to this problem.
Thanks for a bunch of laughs! It's great to have some humor about the burn instead of all the negativity.
LOL epic
Thanks for the friend invite. =D Love your Dry Cleaning service! =D =D
I gave a ride to a couple from CC and they gifted me a quarter of a jackalope leg.
I had no idea you were so funny! Thanks!
Man is it that time of year again already ... well done! Looking forward to seeing you in a month.
Wonders who would pick-up if I called the Camp Carnivore hotline? ;)
Oy vey! Thanks Scotto!
me like - a winner every year - thanx! LOL
Scotto - just luv it on April 1st !
You sloppy eater!
Ah, yes. And then Camp Carnivore took care of the sparkle ponies, as I recall.
Well played, sir ;)
Sweeeeeet!! Great work!