The Last Burn - The Man Will Stand Forever
What's Next?

With 2012 being The Last Burn; designing & building a National Landmark that will forever symbolize what Burning Man meant to all that have attended over the years is not something we take lightly. We realize this project requires community input; much more than a pan handle approach.  We challenge those in our community with Architectural Design Skills or the desire to Assist the Build to step up now, because without you, there is nothing.

In the years to come without the annual festival and the unique creative outlet it provided; many Burners will be longing for that something special, the hope is that the Burning Man National Landmark will fill some of that void.  Current construction plans call for a 50,000sqft visitors center & gift shop along with conference rooms, hotel suites, a Casino and a full range of services for all that make the pilgrimage to this once hallowed ground. Do not hover here.

"Typically a project of this scale takes years to draft, model and implement, says ScottoBobScotto. "The Burning Man National Landmark will be unprecedented in its sheer size and tight timeline of construction, but we are dedicated to put the last brick in place as the last fire spinners extinguish their flames as The Last Burn concludes". "We are ready to waste upwards of $500,025 to make this monument the only future reason to visit the Black Rock Desert, now that Burning Man the Festival will no longer be coming to Northern Nevada", continues ScottoBobScotto.